Simple Precautions For Breast Cancer

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Simple Precautions For Breast Cancer:

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1. Diet – If you are a little confused on what is food got to do with breasts, then yes, it has everything to do. Choosing food for the body means the right amount of nutrition that is required in a day’s meal. It is said that soy and flax seed produces a chemical called phytoestrogen which prevents breast cancer. Avoiding carcinogens like cigarettes, alcohol and junk foods will maintain the body weight thus reduce the risk of cancer.

2. Fitness – Obesity is one of the common reasons for breast cancer. Maintaining the body weight will keep women healthy, active and fit. Sticking to a low fat diet is the best breast cancer precaution.

3. Rethink About Artificial Treatments – Ask doctors and they say that women who undergo botox and other hormone replacement therapy are more prone to breast cancer than women who do not get these treatments. The hormone treatments are generally prescribed for menopause women (mainly deal with estrogen and progestin) being one of the high risks of the killer disease. Apart from the therapies, the over intake of birth control pills are also possibilities for breast cancer.

4. Breast Examination – Before going in for any treatment it is best to self examine your breasts. Any lumps or pain or variation in skin colour can be associated to cancer. Getting a clinical breast examination annually will be a good breast cancer precautionary measure.

Important Breast Cancer Prevention Tips (Simple Precautions For Breast Cancer)


Breast cancer prevention is actually quite simple and effective. And yet breast cancer facts every year claim that it is the number one killer disease among women. Why is it that women take their health problems so lightly. Is it ignorance, fear, inability to accept reality or just plain indifference. Are our own lives so cheap to ourselves? It shouldn’t be. All you have to do is simple round of breast self examination regularly to make breast cancer prevention possible. But we are too lazy to do even that. It is time to shake off the lethargy and take some positive action.

Here are some basic but important health care tips to make breast can prevention effective.

How To Do Practice Breast Cancer Prevention?

1. Know your own Heredity: It has been proven by scientific research that breast cancer has a very distinct element of heredity in it. The gene causing ‘breast cancer’ is transferred from mother to daughter and grandmother to granddaughter. Breast cancer facts say that it is more prominent in the female blood line, meaning, from your mothers side of the family. This gene might lie dormant in some women or may be lie dormant for generations; we can never be sure. But is your mother has breast cancer or somebody in her family does then you need to be on ‘red alert’ because your chances increase substantially. Simple Precautions For Breast Cancer.

2. Don’t Trigger the Cancer Gene: If you have a family history of breast cancer then you absolutely must not do anything to trigger the recessive gene. Smoking in your case will be suicide. You have to avoid all carcinogens be it food, plastic bottles or metal dust.

3. Early Detection: There are three stages of breast cancer; Tumor, Nodal and Metastasis. If you can detect breast cancer in the tumor stage, when it is only a lump then the chances of survival are 90%. At the Nodal stage it is already forming lymph nodes and metastasis is when it spreads. The trouble with breast cancer is that the external symptoms don’t show until the Nodal stage where chances of survival comes down to 50% and after it spreads chances are very bleak. Simple Precautions For Breast Cancer

4. Breast self examination: This is the only full proof way to survive breast cancer by detecting it in the first stage. Nobody knows your body better than you. You have for lumps once every week while you bathe or change clothes. Move your hands in a circular motion over your bust and try feel or small balls that move when you press them. During and a little before your periods yours breasts are lumpy due to formation of natural cysts but otherwise it should be homogenous. If you feel any abnormality during breast self examination rush to a gynecologist without delay. It may be a benign lump or malignant one but it has to be operated immediately. Breast cancer prevention should be our goal not just for ourselves but also our families.Simple Precautions For Breast Cancer

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