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2017 Dumilisai/H.Raja Troll Neet exam : 0:00 Cake cutting comedy : 1:24 H. Raja vs Mersal : 2:34 Dumilisai vs Mersal : 4:57 Tamilisai vs Nota (RK Nagar Election comedy) : 7:03 Tamilisai troll and Anti Indian H Raja troll (2017 comedy) | தமிழிசை காமெடி RK Nagar election troll, Neet Exam, Mersal Controversy and Tamilisai Birthday Cake troll tamilisai,bjp troll,dumilisai,comedy,tamilisai soundararajan comedy,h raja,h raja troll,tamilisai troll,dumilisai troll,2017 rewind troll,rk nagar troll,h raja comedy,RK Nagar Election,tamilisai memes,tamilisai cake cutting,tamilisai birthday,tamilisai cake,tamilisai troll video,dumilisai comedy,தமிழிசை காமெடி,தமிழிசை,rk nagar election troll,tamilisai soundararajan,tamilisai soundararajan trolls,tamilisai cake troll,Tamilisai Speech,tamilisai soundararajan comedy,tamilisai soundararajan cake #TamilisaiBJP #BJPTroll #TamilisaiTroll



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