Simple Beauty Tips For Women

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Clothes and interiors

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In practice, the importance of women’s fashion today . And their friendly dress , ornament , and the color are very interested to know . Tips for the same ;

* Tall and skinny women across the striated utaikalaiyo or online at Design utaikalaiyo or draw the Border Wearing clothes that are beautiful to look at .
* The plump little girls dressed in Design , minor wear clothing lines , the width of the Border in less wear beautiful clothes and skinny know .
* Dark red kalarum for women , black women are better suited to the Light kalarum is the general idea , but it is very wrong . Light Color black dress worn by women , they are more visible in the dark .
But women will be lit red color dress looks more beautiful . Black women without being over- lit , over tarkkavum mitiyamana colors are not the most efficient . For example, black women wearing clothes to look more beautiful and blue color , color and looks .


There is pretty impressive

* All of the girls can not pose themselves more likely to be slim . It is highly recommended that kalartan Darwin . Light colors are a little too plump girl showing slimmana . Women do not wear clothes in light colors so slimmana .


Hair decoration

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* Some very tall, very tall women should wear . Kontaiya little bit sharp and short girls , tall and wearing the watch is beautiful . As well as a slightly higher crest போட்டுக்கொள்ளலாம் rounded face .


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Women are more concerned with beauty . We are enriching their charm and beauty parlor . With so much money celavavat , mixed feedstock ` creamy ‘ s the ‘ Allergy ‘ also occurs . So , how to get home and delicate skin material can see here :

* Mancaltul , cantanattul , a mixture of olive oil and put it all over the body , wash off after 10 minutes . Two or three times this week and will soften the skin .
* Milk and apply it on the face kalalaiyai elumiccaipala carum mixed , naturally ‘ bleach ‘ can .

Healthy Hair

For healthy hair

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* The shock of hair , and to shine brighter orange peel skin has the power to make . Dried orange tolun , tuntukalakkiya Citronella , Sampangi seed , Phoolan potato , chopped nuts , chopped payantam , 0 grams of hashish and 250 each , giving the machine to grind .
The powder gets a bath once a week, head to the bar . Blond hair and the smell will be . Bath and body rubbing the powder , the powder used for flavoring .

* Hair has always been tight , ” clip ” should not . Doing so will break the hair .
* Oil massage once a week to be sure . ‘s Persistent and growing well . Olive oil and massage using the system if it is to strengthen the hair , the hair shedding and hair naraittal prevent it from happening .


Hair Care – Hair stand to loose

Hair grow

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* Get a handle on Neem boiled in water after a day of boiled water to wash the head with the end of the stinger has gradually comes to a standstill .
* Katukkay , tanrikkay , gooseberry powder soaked in the morning and at night with water mixed with lemon juice and mixed with the loose hair on the head to the bar for a bath to stop immediately .
* Dill , abresprecaterius powder soaked in coconut oil spike comes a week after the end of the day it will fall .


Hair Care – Hair is soft

Hair Care
* Smooth the hair is dried into powder vitaikalaip cittappala be , it will grind along with ciyakka . Rubbing his head and wash it twice a week , if not become smooth as silk .
* Penkalukkup pentan the biggest problem . Eradicate it under the pillow at night, lying down on the leaves in Chembaruthi flower thrips shall come .
However , both of these Chembaruthi flowers and camphor powder and coconut oil , then rub with head lice away.


Physical beauty – some beauty tips :
* Ripe bananas mixed with milk , apply on the face . Palappal to face .

Some Beauty Tips :

* Papaya , elumiscai Apply the juice mix . Get a good color for the face .

* Put the orange juice in the refrigerator in a white cloth tied kattiyaki postpone taking over the eyes . The eyes are cool .

* Cucumber extracts multanimetti , add milk and apply it on the face and then wash hands. Glow in the dark face of the sun is great .

* Tarpucini palccaru , mixed payattammavu pucin in the face , the face will putuppolivu .

* Takkalippalattai face , to shake hands and rub . Hands are smooth .

Like 10 or 15 minutes a day set aside for our beautiful and younger may vayatanalum .


Physical beauty – face to be shiny
* Some people in the face, ear , foot , can be a lot of hands . They veppankoluntu , Manny leaf litter , ground yellow tinged Virali Wash the hair breaks off after ten minutes ularavittu .

Facial Beauty

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* If you have pimples on the face, white sleeve , tutti leaves of equal size , cut it , then place in nallenne rub the pimples daily pottuk usually gets well soon pimples will not know the place .
* If there are marks on the body and put it in that place, if the juice of bean leaf scars gradually begin to disappear ..
* The skin is smooth , shiny and , if need be , coriander leaf juice and rub it on the skin gets a little musk mixed mancaltulai skin starts to become smooth and shiny .

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